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    "Talent helps win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships allow"   

    Michael Jordan

    E.A. One Entertainment is a brand, a label, a organization dedicated to urban communities (Hip Hop, RnB, Rock/Pop, Reggea, Skaters ,…) and ethnic people (African, Caribbean and Maghreb) in Europe, America and Africa.

    E.A. Entertainment reconciles financial vision and passion for entertainment. The model devised by Essama  ATANGANA is a structure that combines mastery of the creative process and the various business aspects. The company is distinct from these partnerships and the commercial potential of these productions. We focus on production values that our shows are also bound by our friendly staff will conviction.Cela to the beauty of the place. All is implemented for the event is unique and exceptional.

    Mission: The mission of EA One Entertainment is putting his expertise, innovativeness and passion that drives the service projects, ambitions and creativity of its customers and public expectations to do that each event is an event unique and exceptional.

    Objectives: To be the leader in the production of events dedicated to urban and ethnic communities (African, Caribbean and Maghreb) in Europe.

    The 10 Values: Audacity, Innovation, Creativity, Diversity, Fraternity, Respect for difference, Humanism, Generosity, Equal Opportunities, Successful

    Target / Territory Action: The new urban generations (15-35 years) and (25-49), multicultural and multiethnic in Europe, America and Africa.

    E.A Entertainment is looking to partner with manufacturers, suppliers and entrepreneur who share a vision for growth and excellence in the entertainment industry and New Technology of Information and Communication.

  • The Founder 

    Essama began his career as a promoter of the evening at the age of 16 years at Sarcelles (French) and Villiers le Bel (French) with the help of his cousin Keenan KOUAME (CEO L'Or Noir). Keenan is founder member of Dance GBF Lords and manager / live promoter (Mc Solaar, Fabe, 2 Bal 2Neg ‘Sears-He Even, MJ, 1995…) and his big sister Laura "Ewing"Assembe (activist and pioneer movement of Hip Hop, journalist and entrepreneur).
    But returning to New York in 1999 that Essama ATANGANA really start his career based producer of independent structures of hip-hop and creates the collective Storm Africa and Labo 6 (Commando Toxic). Storm Communication is an association (Schwarz Calcul production) through which he carries with his team mixtapes, parties, concerts … and joined street team of Wicked (now 360 Communication and Marketing 4x4 a joint-venture Steve Rifking).
    After a few years, he wanted to move … In 2003, he created Storm Communication with the help of his brother Tony. Storm Communications is an association whose aim is to promote the Afro-Caribbean and urban by various actions (Concerts, Parties, Events, mixtape …).
    Storm Communications are working initially with Atomic Dogz record (Label Daddy Mory member Raggasonic) and in the production of video and create Ethnik Source Model and The African Gastronomy Week.
    The association promotes the shared values: respect, tolerance, racism, secularism, brotherhood, understanding others and their differences …

    The goal is to be one of the leading manufacturers in the entertainment industry at the international level.

  • DNA : Each artist is a brand


    EA One Music is an independent label dedicated to urban music.
    We aim to produce artists who share our values.

  • Films

    Original Content & New technologies

    EA One Studios


    EA One Studios is a digital media focused on creating as well as financing three screen productions. The department, based in Paris, combines new methods of content creation and digital technology with emerging models of distribution.

    EA One Studios have for aim of:

    - Work with some of the biggest and brightest talent in the entertainment and sports world.

    - Produce and distribute African American movies and Nollywood movies in Europe and Africa.





    Nigerian cinema, colloquially known as ‘Nollywood’, is arguably the most popular content across sub-Saharan Africa. In less than 15 years, it has become the second largest film industry in the world (by output) producing some 2,000 films each year. It is also Nigeria’s second largest industry, generating over $590m a year and employing over 200,000 people in the country.


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    Head Office : London, UK

    Africa Office : Douala, Cameroon